Best deals buying a car

Know the price of the vehicle you want?

Related articles. The best car manufacturer sound systems. True MPG: most efficient petrol cars. Best and worst older small cars for reliability. New Skoda Fabia vs used Seat Ibiza: which is best? Best and worst small automatic cars Follow What Car? Quick search. All car reviews All car deals New car awards Used car awards. If you do negotiate face-to-face, be nice to the salesperson. Complement him or her on their knowledge of cars, work ethic, etc.

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It might be their job to be nice to you, but if you treat them well in return, they're more likely to help you get a good deal. If asked, tell the dealer you are buying today. This makes it easier for them to justify offering their best discounts and spend time with you.

How to Negotiate a CAR DEAL

If you're not buying today and they offer you a good deal, they know you might just take it to a different dealership. If possible, try to negotiate directly with a manager rather than a salesperson, since managers have the authority to actually wheel and deal. Treat the new vehicle purchase price and your trade-in as two separate negotiations. This doesn't mean you should lie and not tell the salesperson about the trade.

Instead, by kindly asking to discuss the trade-in separately, it can help you avoid getting overwhelmed with numbers and dealer sales tactics. If your existing car is in good condition and has any significant value, trading in your car at the dealership will only get you a nominal portion of its potential value, according to car-buying website CarsDirect.

With the benefits of today's internet sales tools, it's worth the time and hassle to sell your well-maintained used vehicle yourself.

A step-by-step guide to getting the best deal on a car

If negotiations turn sour, don't just threaten to leave the dealership -- actually do it. Car salesperson hear this threat a lot and don't give it much credence until you're out the door. Use your smartphone to verify market value and financing terms when you're negotiating. You're a lot less likely to hear false claims from the salesperson when they know Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book are instantly within your reach.

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  7. Most people buy cars directly off the lot, so it's unlikely that the vehicle you're looking at will have only those features you actually want. This can work to your advantage in getting some extras thrown in at a bargain price. For example, I was in the market for a small manual transmission pickup truck a few years ago, but the dealer only had automatic transmission trucks in stock. Of course, he tried to convince me of the merits of a more expensive automatic transmission truck.

    How to buy a car: 10 tips and tricks to get the best deal

    I countered with my arguments that a stick shift is actually a superior vehicle, even though I secretly knew that my wife wanted an automatic. In the end, he discounted the vehicle to closer to the cost for a manual transmission car, which made me somewhat happier and my wife much happier. It doesn't hurt to ask for smaller things, like a set of floor mats or an extra key fob, once you've negotiated the price.

    Try asking right before signing the papers, by saying something like, "I forgot to look, but that SUV comes with three keys, right? It's not uncommon to find mistakes with the math. That was the case when my friend and colleague Adam Lucas went car shopping with his bride-to-be. The next day when we showed up with our cashier's check, the accountant had caught the error and changed the numbers on our signed paperwork essentially forging it and the sales manager tried to force us into paying the price it showed on their new paperwork.

    Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Kelley Blue book used the following to illustrate the "typical" financing deal:. Do Your Homework and Stay Flexible. Find Out the True Cost of Owning. Look for Older Dealer Inventory. Car-Shop at Membership Warehouse Stores. Opt for Smaller-Diameter Wheels. Buy at or Below Invoice Price.

    Best time to buy a new car

    Don't Bluff, Really Walk Away. Hold Your Smartphone While Negotiating. Ask the Dealer to Throw in Little Extras. Read the Paperwork Before Signing. A lot. Through Feb.

    Best time to buy a used car

    That's versus a stellar year-ago month, but the Santa Fe Sport still averaged 75 days on dealer lots in January. Any deals on the regular Santa Fe? Yes, but they're considerably less.

    How to Buy a Car - 15 Essential Tips to Get the Best Deal

    It depends where you live. Expiration dates vary; we observed offers expire as soon as Feb.

    Qualified borrowers can get 2. But is the Escape any good? Like every Foreigner hit, the Escape's an oldie but a goodie. The current generation debuted in late , but strong drivability and an intuitive multimedia system propelled the Escape past three newer redesigns to an acceptable fourth-place finish among seven compact SUVs last year. A year before that, the Escape ranked first in a similar comparison.

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