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When you switch phone and broadband providers, or move to a new home, you may need to have a new phone line or cable installed. Getting a new line installed is straightforward. When you sign up with a provider, they will tell you if you need a new line and arrange a time for an engineer to come and visit to do the work. Yes, it's possible to get a second phone line installed into a property. There are many reasons you might want to do this - getting a business-specific line, or splitting your property into flats or rented rooms, for example.

The cost of fitting a second line will vary depending on who your provider is, and you may have to wait a few days until an engineer is available to do the work. Contact the provider for more information. This website uses cookies as described in our cookie policy , to see what cookies we use and to set your own preferences, click here.

Otherwise, by clicking on or navigating this site, you accept our use of cookies. Compare home phone deals Location Check availability. Why do we need your postcode? We don't want to show you a load of deals that you can't actually get, so by giving us your postcode we show you only the deals that are available where you live.


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We don't share your postcode with anyone else. Take a look at our privacy policy to find out more. Broadband options. Standard Fibre. Monthly usage allowance The amount you download determines the broadband package you should get. To keep things simple, we ask if you would like to see packages which are unlimited. These packages are ideal for users who are online for several hours during the day, or use the internet extensively for entertainment - like downloading movies and TV, streaming entertainment, or playing games. They are also good for large households where several people go online at the same time.

Limited Unlimited. Minimum speed Your broadband speed determines how fast web pages load, files are downloaded, the time streaming video takes to buffer, and more. For a big household, or one where you stream lots of video or play games, a fast speed is recommended. Include TV. Show deals with mobile SIM. Include cost of new line. Show homephone only. Filter Sort by: Our best picks Our best picks are deals we highlight as having particularly strong special offers or are sponsored listings.

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To compare a wider list of packages, sorted according to your chosen criteria, you can enter your postcode in the box above. The Post Office HomePhone. Call Post Office. Visit now More Details More Details. Call BT. Call Sky. Filter Sort by: Our best picks. Compare deals In this article Choosing a home phone deal Cheap line rental Cheap calls Unlimited phone calls Home phone providers Home phone and broadband deals Home phone, broadband, and TV deals Are there special landline deals for pensioners?

These are three main things to consider when comparing home phone deals: Line rental - The monthly amount you pay for your landline is usually the most substantial part of your bill. Post Office and Plusnet are two providers that offer relatively cheap line rental. Inclusive calls - Evening and weekend calls to UK landlines are usually included as standard, and you can upgrade to anytime. If you often call friends or family abroad, you can add inclusive international calls too. Should you bundle? Cheap calls To avoid running up phone bills, you can pay upfront for inclusive calls, so you can make calls at specific times of day, to mobiles, or to international numbers, without paying anything extra.

What's included with our Line rental call package...

Unlimited phone calls You can upgrade a lot of home phone packages to include unlimited calls at any time of the day or week. Home phone providers A few providers offer home phone or line rental on its own. If you take BT line rental on its own with no other services, however, there's a decent discount attached.

Post Office - You can get Post Office HomePhone for some of the cheapest line rental around, or add low-cost broadband too - including fibre broadband. Sky - Sky Talk is available with tons of features, extras, and inclusive calls options to choose from. Virgin Media - Get a Virgin phone line on its own, or spring for a bundle with its superfast broadband or TiVo telly. Home phone and broadband deals Want broadband too? Compare broadband and phone deals.

Just enter your postcode on the 'Start your order' page once you've chosen your package. Yes, in most cases you can keep your phone number. We'll let you know when you order — just choose a package and enter your phone number when asked. If we can transfer your phone number we'll let you know before you reach the checkout. If we can't transfer your number, we'll send you a new number in your confirmation email or letter. It's important to stay connected with your cable phone company until we activate your new BT phone line.

If you don't already have a BT phone line in your home, we'll arrange for an engineer to install one when you place your order. There are two options available for calling abroad. Just select your package and you can add an international call add-on when your order. It's ideal if you only make a few international calls each month. It's perfect if you make lots of international calls each month. Fair use policy: all calls made after minutes in a month will be charged at 6p a minute with a 23p call set-up fee. You may cancel your agreement for the service and order for equipment within 14 days from your service start date or the day you receive your order confirmation or your equipment is delivered, if this is later.

If you decide to cancel within this period, you will have to pay for the services you have used and any connection charges that may apply. You must also return any equipment we have sent you. Where you have also cancelled an order for equipment, you must return it undamaged and in its original packaging , following our instructions. We will refund anything you have already paid for the equipment but may deduct the relevant costs where damage has occurred to the equipment and it is not in its original condition.

This includes call charges, features and plans. For full BT Plus terms see bt. Guarantee only applies when your Smart Hub2 is connected to the internet and does not cover broadband faults. Your actual speed will depend on your location, phone line, home wiring, Wi-Fi connection and time of day. Check your speed at bt. Superfast Fibre is subject to availability, geographic location, computer specifications and a line check. The exchange list and dates are subject to change. Terms apply. Mobile network coverage required.

Applies for the duration of your fault only. We guarantee the speed to your hub. Check your speed using the MyBT app, online or by calling Up to four claims a year. Other exclusions apply. For new BT Broadband customers that sign up for 18 months. Payment by Direct Debit. BT Cloud: You need to activate the service yourself. Subject to availability. For new Broadband Unlimited customers that sign up for 18 months. Subject to availability, minimum line speed and computer specification.

For new Superfast Fibre Unlimited customers that sign up for 18 months. For new Superfast Fibre 2 Unlimited customers that sign up for 18 months. Applies for the duration of your fault. Speed comparisons based on peak time average speeds vs our standard broadband 10 Mbps. Fastest 4G Speed: 4G speeds vary by location, coverage and demand. For new and existing BT Broadband customers that sign up for 18 months.

Terms apply, see bt. For new Superfast Fibre 4 Unlimited customers that sign up for 18 months. For new and existing BT customers that sign up for 18 months. Includes Unlimited Weekend Calls. Prices and terms subject to change during the contract term. Available to new Superfast Fibre customers. For full terms see bt. Available by invitation to existing BT Broadband customers that sign up for 18 months.

You'll need to pay by Direct Debit. Subject to availability, minimum line speed and computer spec. Check bt. Saving: comparison vs. Available to new and existing BT Plus customers. Existing customers will need to re-contract their BT Plus for 18 months. Offer available for new customers moving home. Orders outside of these dates and via any other site do not qualify for the promotion.

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Available by invitation only to new customers ordering a BT Broadband or Superfast Fibre package on www. You must claim your BT Reward Card once your broadband is installed and you have 3 months from this date to claim. You must activate the card within 3 months of receipt. Following a successful claim, your card will be sent to the broadband installation address.

Can you save money?

BT Superfast Fibre speeds referred to are download speeds; speeds affected by various factors including distance from the cabinet, time of day and internal home wiring. If your line won't support our top speed, we'll offer the best speed available. We'll always offer the best available speed on your line. You'll need to activate and download this service, it may not work with some computer or mobile systems. See BT Virus Protect details. BT is not responsible for any of the site categorisations — this is done by our 3rd party specialist vendor.

The Account Holder needs to set up and maintain this service. If you delete your account — your settings will be lost. You can re-activate at any time but you will need to add all of your settings again. BT doesn't support activities that infringe the copyrights of the holder. You need to activate the service yourself. We may sometimes make changes to the TV content and software we provide, for example changing the look and feel of one of our apps. We'll tell you about important changes in advance.

Pensioner Concession compatible plans

Availability of channels and quality of content depends on local transmitter and suitable rooftop aerial www. We'll charge you for on demand content. Prices, terms and BT TV content subject to change during the contract term. HDMI connection required. Availability of digital channels and quality of content depends on local transmitter and suitable rooftop aerial www. Requires BT Superfast Fibre. Payment by direct debit. App available on up to 2 compatible devices Android 4. You'll need a compatible 4K TV and a fast enough line speed to view 4K content.

A 10m cable will be provided. Bolt—ons available on a one month minimum term. Free for first three months. One month minimum term. If you watch Netflix on a TV box it will not count towards your broadband usage. Watching on your laptop or other device will. See www. AMC is a separate bolt-on bonus channel and may be removed at any time.

Both charges are calculated excluding VAT, so when we round the price and add the VAT, some calls will round up by up to 2p, depending on the length of the call. Includes calls to landlines in 36 International destinations. For residential customers on a BT Calling Plan. Minimum 1 month term. Fair use policy calls over minutes a month will be charged at 6p a minute and Terms and Conditions apply.

Some regions are included or excluded within countries:.

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Five users per account. SmartTalk allows you to access your calling plan on your smartphone. UK time zone applies. Opt-in for international, premium 09 and personal calls. Fair-use policy applies. Excludes BT Basic. It's easy to set these up after you've downloaded the app. Just press the Create BT Login button. Opt-in is required. No minimum call commitment applies. The call return feature will not be available if the person leaving the message has chosen to withhold their number or if the call was from an international number.

Customers who use Call Barring should note that calls to will be barred under outgoing Call Barring option 1. This is because calling may lead to a chargeable call. Some social alarm and burglar alarm equipment may not be compatible with BT Answer Please check with your supplier. Dialling BT without using Call Return is free. The Call Return feature of BT costs a fixed fee of 35p. The fee will apply when you press 3 to return your last caller's call. This charge applies whether or not the call is connected. If you don't want your number to be obtained through Caller Display or Call Return , dial before making your call.

To block nuisance calls you need the Caller Display service to be active on your account. Calls to and numbers are included within your inclusive call times excluding Calling Card, Dial-through and dial-up internet access numbers. Any calls over an hour will be charged at normal rates you can hang up and redial to avoid these charges. Fair usage policy applies. Maximum minutes or calls a month. If either of these limits on inclusive calls is exceeded, BT will charge for these calls until further notice.

You'll need to pay any additional call charges by Direct Debit. You'll receive e-billing. Connection charges may apply for new connections. There's a 12 month minimum term. Exclusions and conditions apply. Calls to 01, 02, and 03 numbers, excluding the Channel Islands, indirect access numbers and dial-up internet access.

Inclusive calls: calls up to an hour.

Home phone packages

Redial within 60 minutes to avoid charges. Calls to numbers cost no more than 49p per minute, with a max. Click here for our full tariffs. You'll need to pay by direct debit. Available to new and existing BT customers that sign up for an 18 month minimum term. Available to new and existing standard BT line rental customers. A month minimum term applies for new line rental contracts. You can pay for Line Rental Plus by any method unless you take another service that requires payment by Direct Debit. Connection charges may apply. PromptCare operates between 8am and 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays.

We aim to repair a fault by midnight on the next working day after you report the fault to us unless a specific appointment date is agreed. Faults reported after 9pm Monday to Saturday, or anytime on Sundays or on public or bank holidays, will be treated as if you reported the fault at 8am on the next working day. PromptCare is not available on telephone lines provided using fibre technology. Maximum of 2 devices may be used simultaneously. Prices and BT Sport content subject to change at any time. BT Sport is also available on the Sky Digital Satellite Platform for all new and existing BT broadband customers who sign up for 12 months or have 12 months remaining on their contract; ongoing renewal needed to get discounted BT Sport.

Sky box and active viewing card required. Excludes Multiscreen. UK only. There's a one month minimum term. It must be taken with a standard BT Sport subscription. E-billing required. New month BT Broadband contract required. One discount code per mobile phone purchase. You must redeem your discount code within 9 months of our order confirmation email. There is no cash alternative to this offer.

Any purchase made will be subject to BT Shop standard terms of sale. BT reserves the right to suspend or cancel the offer at any time.

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