The deals that made the world

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For the first time, Hillary Rodham Clinton reveals what she was thinking and feeling during one of the most controversial and unpredictable presidential elections in history.

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Now free from the constraints of running, Hillary takes you inside the intense personal experience of becoming the first woman nominated for president by a major party in an election marked by rage, sexism, exhilarating highs and infuriating lows, stranger-than-fiction twists, Russian interference, and an opponent who broke all the rules.

This is her most personal memoir yet. What if the way we understand our world is wrong? What if it isn't politicians and events that shape our lives but secret deals made by people you've never heard of? This book tells the story of the secret deals that are changing the world and revolutionising everything we do, including money, the food we eat, what we buy and the drugs we take to stay well. These deals never make the news: they are made high up in boardrooms, on golf courses and in luxury cars, each sealed by world-changing handshakes.

This is the story of those handshakes. This content of this book is mind blowing. Well researched and excellently laid out. What lets this Audible Vernon down is the insistence on using different voices to speak as the people quoted was incredibly off putting. The accents were so bad and fake that the completely distracted from the message. This is like a business version of 'Sapiens' and 'Homo deus'.

A must read for anyone. The book will change your perspective of the world we live in and sheds light on the power we all have to change your own experience of the world. It was most interesting to learn about the wellness industry and the cycle which their consumers have been subjected to This is by far the best book I have read and listened to so far. Thank you! This is an eye opener.

It is not conspiracy theory. It is the truth of how our world has become a business. A very interesting run down of how the world is changing around us. Negatives are that the author's political leanings shine through quite often, the accents for interviews are quite gimmicky and you can get lost in the sheer amount of detail put in to this. All that aside, a great book and in need of a re-listen.

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Cliches and contradictions run rampant in this book, which wrongly claims to be based on fact and reveal dark capitalist conspiracies and collaborations. It can at best be described as a thought provoking polemic. Please read with caution! Listened to this on Audible. Found it fascinatining but so much information had to replay a few times.

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Definitely a good read for anyone interested in how decisions are made, backed up with facts not conspiracy theories. Five stars! A very informative and easy listening eye opener into the shady side of government and big business.

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Loved it. Cant believe how they hide things from us to ensure they personally look after themselves. This is a hard book to not listen to in one go. Packed with insightful and well researched information that really does make you see things very differently.

Well read and an easy listen despite covering a range of subjects. Highly recommend for all. By: Jacques Peretti. Narrated by: Jacques Peretti. Length: 13 hrs and 43 mins. People who bought this also bought I Love Capitalism! Who Is Michael Ovitz? Publisher's Summary What if the way we understand our world is wrong?

What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. No Reviews are Available. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Sharon An excellent read This content of this book is mind blowing. John Hodgson I couldn't stop listening This is like a business version of 'Sapiens' and 'Homo deus'. Keneilwe Trewartha Matthew Wood Oh dear Amazon Customer Then, one day, Taylor approached his bosses with a plan.

He had noticed that his colleagues were not working as hard as they might. Taylor had a forensically detailed breakdown of every task of the labor force, including an efficiency evaluation of toilet breaks. There was only one problem. Taylor had falsified his data. Taylor knew that Midvale was keen on making cost efficiencies, which is why they hired him.

The Deals That Made the World Audiobook | Jacques Peretti |

Would we still be talking about Taylor today? But this was crucially important: by claiming the conclusions reached were scientific, the management had evidence that the workers could not dispute. Management could blame the expert, who could in turn point to the science. In this way, decisions appeared to cease being made by humans at all, but by an objective, God-like arbiter called data. The public lapped it up eagerly. Science appeared to be able to solve anything. In , Charles Darwin had used science to explain evolution; Freud had used it to decipher the subconscious mind.

Taylor followed in their footsteps. In , he was invited to brief the government on how to implement his ideas for the benefit of America. But in , Taylor died suddenly. But that is what it did.

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He studied economics at the London School of Economics and lives in London. Even though he's stayed on at the company, he has not stayed put. He lives with his wife and two children in the Washington Heights neighborhood on Milwaukee's West Side. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

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the deals that made the world The deals that made the world
the deals that made the world The deals that made the world
the deals that made the world The deals that made the world
the deals that made the world The deals that made the world
the deals that made the world The deals that made the world
the deals that made the world The deals that made the world
the deals that made the world The deals that made the world
the deals that made the world The deals that made the world
The deals that made the world

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