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Cash Back is not available on all products or categories and typically exclude gift cards, gift wrapping, tax etc. In this webinar we explore DITA 1. Schematron solves certain limitations that other types of schema have when validating XML documents since it allows the schema developer to define the errors and control the messages that are presented to the user. Therefore, Schematron makes the validation errors more accessible to users and helps to ensures that they understand the problem.

These messages may also include hints to help the user to fix the problem, but this doesn't complete the solution since the user still needs to manually correct the issue. This may cause users to waste valuable time and also creates the possibility of making additional errors while trying to manually fix the reported problem.

Schematron Quick Fixes provide automatic actions to fix validation errors, thus offering a complete solution, while saving time and avoiding the potential for causing other issues. This webinar focuses on advanced features that justify the return of investment you get from using DITA.

When editing documents there are various rules that you want your content authors to follow, such as grammar rules, document structure guidelines, business requirements, style preferences, or rules for the generated output. To enforce these rules, companies often use grammar checking apps, custom schemas or best practice guides. For content authors, there are usually too many rules to remember them all when writing content. The best approach for this challenge is to signal the user when a rule violation is detected and offer suggestions to help them solve possible rule problems and maintain integrity in their documentation.

You will also learn how to edit simple topics, create cross references, insert images and tables and how to benefit from intelligent features such as smart paste and validate, and check for completeness. Watch the Recorded Webinar. Publishing DITA documents is often an afterthought to the content creation process, and usually relies on complex programming to achieve the required document format. Styling and layout requirements may be highly complex, especially where both print and electronic formats are required to be delivered.

TopLeaf, from Turn-Key Systems, provides a low cost, high capability DITA publishing option that solves document formatting complexity with an intuitive graphical interface. TopLeaf is equally suited to single-seat document development groups, and large-scale automated document production environments.

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Topics and maps offer a choice of main rendering styles, as well as the option to add or subtract style layers. Guided DITA authoring was implemented as two optional style layers that allow you to see inline hints and actions. It offers a wide variety of operations, such as renaming, deleting, and inserting elements and attributes. If the provided operations are not enough, you can create custom refactoring operations and share them with other team members. All of them are available through a friendly user inteface and can be applied across a set of files.

It is important to have documents without errors, but not all users know how to fix the errors from the documents.

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And even if they do know, ideally they should use a quick and automated solution. In the case of Schematron, the schema developer takes full control over the Quick Fix actions, being able to offer custom solutions to any detected issue using the Schematron Quick Fix language.

Oxygen XML Editor version 17 focuses on design to make your work not only productive, but also enjoyable. Also the toolbars are configurable down to action level, giving you full control of your work environment. It comes with important functionality updates and focuses on design to make your work not only productive, but also enjoyable.

Is there a way to make it easier for casual contributors and collaborators to produce structured content? With the right combination of techniques and tools, we cannot only bring structured authoring within the ability of all contributors; we can make it easier for them to contribute using structured rather than unstructured methods. George Bina will explore the world of XML authoring for technical documentation. He will share tips and tricks designed to help technical communicators understand the advanced information management capabilities structured XML authoring provides over traditional authoring approaches.

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Recording available to those who register. Meet the Oxygen team at our stand in the exhibition area. Interested in MathML? We present the new Profiling Styles functionality in detail and then go through some of the other important new features in Oxygen version 16, including: Setting table properties WebHelp skin builder Extending frameworks and more. Download Webinar Sample Files. Visit the Oxygen Booth ! November , Wiesbaden, Germany. Today, these publications, known as The Merck Manuals, require hundreds of writers from around the world to contribute and revise content on an ongoing basis.

With such a large and dispersed team, Merck experienced many challenges in the technologies needed to coordinate and maintain publishing schedules as well as in the varied technical skill levels of team members. XSLT is the best supported technology in Oxygen. We will also explore publishing by showing how you can change transformation parameters and how you can obtain multiple output formats from DITA. Topics covered: Re-using content Keys: defining keys, making key references and content key references Validate and check for completeness using profiling conditions and DITAVAL filters Advanced profiling using Subject Schemes maps Customizing a transformation scenario, changing parameters Publishing using multiple scenarios, each having a profiling condition set applied Using a different DITA-OT.

Structured content is considered fundamental to content strategy and an organization's ability to deliver content where it is needed across a wide variety of devices and media. Yet authoring structured content has always been a difficult problem. Starting with version 14, Oxygen introduced the form controls as a new approach to authoring, one that hides the complexity of XML without obscuring the structure we are trying to capture, or creating hard-to-understand errors.

Oxygen invited Mark Baker, owner of Analecta Communications and consultant in structured authoring and topic-based writing, to explore the business case for forms-based structured authoring. Topics covered by this webinar include: Why structured authoring is critical to the modern enterprise The limitations of current structured authoring methods How forms-based authoring addressed these limitations How forms-based authoring hides XML syntax better than WYSIWYG How forms-based authoring at last delivers the ideal of separating content form formatting A demonstration of forms-based authoring in Oxygen XML The benefits to the organization from adopting forms-based authoring.

The topics covered by the webinar include: Organize your stylesheet in multiple modules Re-use modules from multiple stylesheets Edit modules in context with the help of master files Intelligent search and refactoring actions. XML lets you assemble your content for different types of customers and publish it to all the devices they use. And users of the content optimization software of Acrolinx already know that by guiding your authors to use simple, clear language, you can create content that your customers will like better.

You will learn: Five key factors to creating XML structured content with ease Six dimensions of content optimization for maximum customer satisfaction How Oxygen and Acrolinx work together — and their special support for DITA. The topics covered by the webinar include: XSLT editing Validation Transformations XSLT documentation XPath content completion assistance In this session we will try to introduce you to these features indirectly, focusing on resolving a number of problems and see how Oxygen can help us accomplish those tasks.

Would you like more people in your company to use its capacities? Would you like to add powerful collaboration and content management features to your system? And provide an hassle-free access to all engineers, SMEs, and experts to collaborate on a Web-based platform? With "Componize Author", you can enforce process, information model, and content control with: Smart re-use, with easy find-and-insert content, cross-reference, and images Automated reviewing and commenting workflows Customizable and reusable templates and metadata Automated versioning, comparing, and audit trail.

People are usually afraid of authoring XML because they perceive this as a lot more complicated than using a word processing application. The authoring support for XML however was improved continuously in the last years and Oxygen can provide user interfaces allowing normal users to work with XML.

About Office Oxygen

These interfaces are a lot easier to use than word processors. In this webinar we will show a few examples of how Oxygen can make XML editing accessible to everyone, and how you can provide similar user interfaces to edit your own XML formats. The XML Schema version 1. These feature include assertions, conditional type assignment, open content, override, default attributes, negative wildcards, substitution for multiple elements, and more.

This webinar presents an overview of these XML Schema features, how they work on simple examples, and how you can use them from Oxygen. This is a great opportunity to discover what is possible with XML Schema 1. When collaboratively working on documents, support for reviewing is a must-have. Along with these, there are visual tools to allow you to see and manage changes and comments more easily, in order to achieve a final reviewed document. This webinar will present the reviewing functionality and how you can take advantage of this for your XML documents.

Visit the Oxygen Booth , Hall 3! October 23—25, Wiesbaden, Germany. Visit the Oxygen Booth , Moscone West!

Toggle navigation XML Editor. Register Code Resellers. All Webinars Conferences Meetups. Some of the things you will learn include: An overview of the interface Shortcuts and useful actions How to configure the toolbars and helper views How to migrate non-XML documents to DITA or other XML standards How to create a project How to create new documents Validating documents Creating output Configuring options Search operations Inserting tables, images, links, etc.

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