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The second option is to shop smart. First and foremost, of course, we went with price. Plus, we made sure we choose athletic fitting Gis that are all lightweight, making them perfect for competition. Your Gi does not have to come from a famous brand to be able to provide you with what you need. On the contrary, some of the less known brands actually have much better Gis than giant ones.

What you get in return is a Pearl Weave Gi that comes in all three standard colors — white, blue and black. The pants feature a ripstop pattern, weighing in at only 10oz. The entire Gi is extremely comfortable to wear as well as very lightweight, plus it comes pre-shrunk. Given that a free white belt and a 1-year warranty are included, this is the absolute best price you can get for a quality BJJ Gi. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned competitors. Some of the most popular brands out there recognize the need for a lower priced Gi, and they deliver a great product to fill the gap.

Fuji is one of those brands, and this simple Gi is actually a best seller! This award-winning Gi comes in a few more colors than the standard three, in the form of pink and navy colors. Sizes range from A0-A6, as well as W1-W6. This means virtually anyone can get one of this Gis. The Gi itself has a very thick, stiff collar and multi-layered reinforcements at numerous specific points. Perfect athletic, fit, lightweight, extreme durability, and great comfort. Made from a certified FUJI cotton blend. As far as cheap BJJ Gis go, this one really delivers an unexpected level of quality for the price.

It is as good as any of the highest quality Gis that are available in , perhaps even better than some. It is available in the three standard colors, as well as a grey version. It also features anti-microbial and odor-resistant properties, protecting you from infections and allergies. Sizes range from A0-A4.

Elite is a manufacturer that has a great range of Gis available for BJJ practitioners.

While it is not established as one of the leading brands just yet, it is one on the rise without a doubt. Plus, the price range is nothing short of fantastic.


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This provides a lot of variety to go with the great quality it provides. This is one more Gi that comes in a pre-shrunk version. Available in sizes from A0 — A5, this Gi also comes with a free belt included white. This Gi features a really unique, detail-oriented design, with no excess material whatsoever. It is going to last you a very long time even under the harshest of circumstances. The gi is antimicrobial and does not retain odor, and it the lightest Gi in our cheap BJJ Gis guide.

Hypnotik is a brand that is right up there with the best of them.

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Still, they have a very different approach, given that this is the first of two cheap BJJ Gis made by them in our guide. A good quality Gi will last you a long time and be worth your investment. What should you take into consideration when buying a Gi? Your BJJ Gi should be comfortable.

It should also be easy to move in while fighting. A Gi made of Pearl Weave, a very popular and good quality material, is usually lightweight and comfortable. This means that the material went through a special treatment, that helps to prevent infections and bacteria to spread. It should fit your body type and have a perfect fit. This will help you understanding what size suits you best. You can even order multiple sizes and decide which one you feel the most comfortable in. If you want to buy a Gi that will endure for some years, then pay attention to its durability.

Check the material and stitching. Will it last well after multiple washings? Will it maintain its original color? Will it start breaking apart after a few uses? This allows the Gi to not shrink after its first washes.

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In order for it to last and stay true to size, you should wash your Gi in cold water and hang drying. Beware that, if you wash your Gi in a high temperature and then put it in the dryer machine, it will very likely shrink.

Either way, this should be pure preference and each BJJ practitioner has its own. The weight of a Gi makes a difference in competitions, regarding the weight category you are placed in. So, depending on your own body weight, also have this factor into consideration. The most common Gi colors are white, black and blue. Also, the Gi must be of a uniform color.

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Nonetheless, there are multiple colors available in the market, such as pink, navy blue and even teal colored kimonos. If you have BJJ practice multiple times per week, investing in a good kimono is probably the best option. For no-Gi BJJ practitioners, a kimono is not needed. A rash guard and a pair of shorts or spats. In fact, rash guards are used by Gi and no-Gi practitioners. Gi users often wear rash guards under their kimonos. Therefore, a rash guard in an essential item of the BJJ gear. Its use has multiple advantages, such as facilitating movements and allowing for a better grip.

Also, rash guards protect your skin against mat and Gi burning. In addition, they reduce the spread of bacteria and infections. Check of some of the most important decision-making factors when looking for a BJJ rash guard. Read mora about BJJ Rash gaurds sale. A good rash guard should be made of a mix of Polyester and Elastane. Rash guards need to be fitted and, at the same time, comfortable to wear.

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Some new models incorporate the AGTM compression technology, which provides comforts and easy mobility. In order to avoid shifting, rash guards have inner silicone banding locks. This is a good feature to look forward since it will keep your rash guard locked down and provide grip. Another bonus feature is when rash guards are infused with anti-bacterial technology.

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This will make your rash guard much more hygienic since it will inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. Also, in combination with this, some also feature an anti-odor technology, that prevents intense sweat odor. Therefore, this item needs to be breathable.

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